Can I cancel an order?

Due to the quick turn around of our product, once an order is placed there are no cancellations or refunds.

Can I add my own photos?

Yes, and we encourage you to! Click on any space that says add photo here and a box will appear saying click or drop images here. If you click on the box your computer folder will appear so you can navigate and choose a folder from your computer. If you already have a folder open you can drag the file from that folder and drop into the square. Once you image is in there you can move the image around by click and holding on the image and move around. You can then resize your image by pulling the double arrows in the lower right hand corner – you can also do this by clicking on the “transform” bottom below the image (on the left) and using the slider to zoom in and zoom out. If the image is smaller than the box and you want to position the image in a part of the box hit the position button under the image (in the middle) and you can center the image or move to the top. In the end if you don’t like what your done to the image and want to start over, hit the reset button (under the image on the right).

What kind of image files are acceptable?

Images must being in .jpg or .png format.

Can I change the existing Text?

Yes – a lot of the text we have in there is example/suggested text. Just high light the text you want to remove or change and start typing your text. When in a text box you can change the font, size, position, bold italicize or underline with the font format box. Any changes you make in the format box will be applied to only the verbiage in that text box.

Can I add my own text?

Yes – to add a new text box to a blank area click the “add a new text field” tab – An Add New text pop up will pop up and this is where you enter the text that you want to add to the page. When you are finished hit “add Text” and the new text will show in the center of the page. If you hover over the new text the cursor will turn into a hand. If you click and hold you can move the the text around the page. Release the mouse when text is in the spot you want.

How do I create an account?

You can either click sign up and get started on the home page or if you want to view the programs that we have to offer first, click on programs. Once you pick a program that you like hit customize and it will prompt you to sign in or create and account.

  • Click Create an account.
  • Create and user and type in a valid email address that you have access to.
  • Review the terms and conditions and check the box confirming you did.
  • Confirm you are not a robot by completing the math problem.
  • Click Register.
  • Check your email for sign up confirmation – if you do not see the confirmation email in 5 minutes check your spam folder and if it is there move it to your inbox.
  • Click the link in the the email.
  • Create a password by clicking on the auto generated password and start typing your own.
  • Hit the Login button.
  • Enter the username and Password for this account.
  • This will take you to your account page. T0 start designing click on create program.

Inserting a graphic

We have some preloaded graphics that you may want to personalize your program with.Click on the insert a graphic or symbol tab and graphic categories will appear. Click on a category and images will appear. Scroll through the choices and click on the one you want to add. The image will add in the center of the page. To move the image hover over the image, the cursor will turn into a hand. If you click and hold you can move the the image around the page. Release the mouse when text is in the spot you want.

To resize the image by pulling the double arrows in the lower right hand corner. You can duplicate the image by hitting the copy icon in the top left hand corner. You can turn the image by click and holding on the turn icon in the top right hand corner and you can delete the image by clicking the trash icon in the lower left corner.

View Cart – Afraid Changes Will Not Be Saved

After you saved your program to the cart you will need to scroll to the top of the page and hit either view cart or the shopping cart in the top right hand corner. A warning may appear that asked if you are sure you want to leave because you changes may not save. Hit Leave and you will find your program on the check out page.